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August 22, 2012 -- You can now see slides from the APS FEd-FIAP March meeting session on Astronomy's Detectors & Physics Education:  Beletic, Suntharalingam, Ricker, Ninkov, Kovac

July 23, 2012 -- Fresh Perspectives on Astronomy & Physics Education--
A collection of slides and posters relating astronomy to physics education


Better Physics

You can read "better" as an adjective and find here examples of better than ordinary physics.  But your real challenge is to read "better" as a verb and be moved to improve physics yourself.  You can do this by better writing, better research, better teaching, better outreach, better images, better studying, better books, better problems, better courses, and many other ways.  This Better Physics site welcomes ideas and examples of any of these.

For now Better Physics is supporting efforts to use the research results of modern astronomy and astrophysics to enrich undergraduate physics instruction. This site reports several efforts to this end.