Contents of the AJP theme issue

EDITORIAL — Charles H. Holbrow and Peter Shaffer, Theme Issue Editors

Author(s) Title
Jodi L. Christiansen & Andrew Siver Computing accurate age and distance factors in cosmology
Colin S. Wallace and Edward E. Prather Teaching physics with Hubble’s law and dark matter
Kevin Krisciunas, Erika DeBenedictus, Jeremy Steeger, Agnes Bischoff-Kim, Gil Tabak, & Kanika Pasricha The First Three Rungs of the Cosmological Distance Ladder
Roy R. Gould, Susan Sunbury, & Ruth Krumhansl Using online telescopes to explore exoplanets from the physics classroom
Gerald T. Ruch & Martin E. Johnston A Robotic Observatory in the City
Benjamin Oostra Measurement of the Earth’s Rotational Speed via Doppler Shift of Solar Absorption Lines
Hsiang-Wen Hsu & Mihaly Horanyi Ballistic motion of dust particles in the Lunar Roving Vehicle dust trails
M. Kaan Ozturk Trajectories of charged particles trapped in Earth’s magnetic field
A. R. P. Rau Topics in quantum physics with origins in astronomy: Two examples
Jonathan M. Marr & Francis P. Wilkin A Better Presentation of Planck’s Law Through Average Photon Energy and Spectral Energy Distributions
Ronald J. Adler Cosmogenesis and the tipping pencil analogy
Davide Cenadelli, Marco Petenza, and Mauro Zeni Stellar temperatures via Wien’s Law: Not so simple
Richard H. Price & Joseph D. Romano In an expanding universe, what doesn’t expand?
Friedman A Grand and Bold Thing, Ann Finkbeiner. 223 pp. Free Press, New York, 2010. Price $27.00 (cloth) ISBN 978-1-4165-5216-1