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Dave Charbonneau

Transfer research


In moving Dean Zollman's slides from .pptx to .pdf some of his nice animations were lost.

Scott Gaudi

Wolfgang Christian

Fresh Perspectives

Fresh perspectives on

  • how the frontiers of astronomy affect physics 
  • how they might enrich undergraduate physics instruction.


Chris Stubbs

Narrative and Witz in Physics


Address by Charles H. Holbrow on the occasion of receiving the 2012 Oersted Medal of the AAPT


Helfand: X-ray views of the physics of the Universe


Click on Helfand: X-ray views to download the .pdf file of his talk.  You won't need to do this if an image appears below, but you may still want to download the .pdf file if you want better resolution, 



 Click here to download a .pdf version of this talk. You will need to do this only if your browser does not support the embedded Google .pdf viewer or if you want better resolution.


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