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CMB in Cosmos & Classroom

Detecting the Cosmic Microwave Background at the Frontier of Cosmology and in the Classroom --- SLIDES

Author:   John Kovac  (Harvard University, Departments of Astronomy and of Physics)


Physics and detector arrays

Coupling physics to understanding the performance of detector arrays -- SLIDES

Author:  Zoran Ninkov (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Detectors revolutionize astronomy

Gamma-ray Bursts, Black Holes, and Exoplanets: How CCD Detectors have Revolutionized Astronomy --- SLIDES

Basic physics of astronomical detectors

The basic physics of astronomical detectors, our eyes on the Universe

David Helfand

David Helfand, Quest University Canada and Columbia University
X-ray Views on the Physics of the Universe



Abstracts of UATP speakers

Public Lecture: 
Duncan Brown, Syracuse University

The New Astronomy of LIGO  

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