Program Summary

Summary PRE:GRC Program 

The odd-numbered sessions are two hours long; the even-numbered ones are three hours long.

  1. The Physics in Astronomy’s Discoveries & Technologies. Ch: Charles H. Holbrow (Colgate) / Robert Kirshner, Noah Finkelstein
  2. Exoplanets: New Worlds – How to find them; what they’re like. Ch: Sara Seager (MIT) / David Charbonneau, Doug Caldwell, Scott Gaudi
  3. What Is Being Done at Smaller Institutions. Ch: Mario Belloni (Davidson) / Dan Reichart, Larry Marschall, Todd Timberlake, Wolfgang Christian
  4. Observational Cosmology: New Horizons. Ch: Robert Kirshner (Harvard) / Tony Tyson / Chris Stubbs / Bryan Penprase
  5. Teaching Physics with Astronomy: What AER & PER tell us. Ch: Hashima Hasan (NASA) / Ed Prather, Seth Hornstein, Dean Zollman 
  6. Stars and Physics. Ch: Beth Willman (Haverford) / Peter Parker / Amanda Karakas / Andrew West
  7. Frontiers of Astronomy’s Instruments & Detectors. Ch: Randy Peterson (U of the South) Alan Rogers / Paul Bierden / John Taranto
  8. Gravitational Radiation & Interesting Objects: Gravity waves, black holes, gamma ray bursts, neutron stars, magnetars, pulsars. Ch: Barbara Ryden (OSU) / Duncan Brown, Greg Bothun, Lucy Fortson
  9. Closing Summary; Astronomy Based Materials for Teaching Physics:  What should they be?  Who will make them? Ch: Ed Prather (U Arizona) / Rapporteur: Sterl Phinney (Caltech), Panel: TBA, Greg Bothun, Dwain Desbien